Peter  works for you not the tax man. We will help you to understand your responsibilities and the tax implications of your actions, in order that you can plan ahead and conduct your affairs in a tax efficient way.

Personal Tax (including sole-traders and partnerships)
Using his expertise and software he can complete self assessment tax returns, calculate any tax liability and advise you on exactly when to make payments and how much to pay.

Corporation tax services
Under Corporation Tax Self Assessment (CTSA), the legal responsibility for correctly calculating the corporation tax liability falls on business owners. Your tax returns will be prepared in a timely and efficient manner and will calculate your company’s tax liability. HMRC Investigations
Don’t let being the subject of a tax investigation by the HMRC be a more stressful and worrying experience that it needs to be.  Peter has a wealth of experience in dealing with HMRC investigations and can provide expert help and support.

Peter is always at hand to advise on whether registration is mandatory and if not advantageous for your business and help to ensure that you comply with the ever changing and growing demands of HM Revenue and Customs regulations. To help you manage this complex area, we provide an efficient, cost-effective VAT service from assistance with the initial VAT registration, advising on the most appropriate scheme to use and help with completing the monthly or quarterly returns and can host any VAT inspection you may be subject to at his office and negotiate with HMRC in any disputes that may arise.